Irrigation Services

We design and maintain residential and commercial irrigation systems and provide water management for all types of landscapes. A well-designed system will ensure your property looks its best and will help protect your investment.

sprinkler ditch


Blue Spruce will design and install your sprinkler system.

sprinkler repair

Adjustment & Repairs

We can repair leaks, raise sprinkler heads, change direction and any other adjustments or repairs your system may need.

sprinkler control box

Upgrades or Extensions

Need more sprinkler heads? We can add additional zones or more heads to existing zones to maximize your sprinkler efficiency.

Sprinkler Blow-out


Winterizing your system is crucial to avoid damage from frozen water in the system. Call us today to schedule your winterization from the end of September to November before temps fall below freezing.

See Our Work

Seeing is believing and our work will make you a believer. Blue Spruce Nursery and Landscaping can easily handle residential and commercial properties. Our team of highly-skilled craftspeople will create a lush landscape environment to enhance your business or property for years to come.